Samsung - SAR values

This list shows the SAR values ​​for mobile phones from Samsung.
Limit: 2.0 watts/kilogram (W/kg) averaged over ten grams of tissue.

ModelSAR (W/kg)Additional info
Samsung B21000,716
Samsung B27000,997
Samsung C30500,709
Samsung C66250,661
Samsung E11200,813
Samsung E13100,294homepage
Samsung E1360B0,790
Samsung E2210B0,955
Samsung Galaxy S III 4G
Samsung GT-B2710 Xcover 2710,665
Samsung GT-B33100,659
Samsung GT-B7300 Omnia Lite0,791
Samsung GT-B73300,814
Samsung GT-B7350 Omnia Pro40,642
Samsung GT-B7610 Omnia Pro0,414
Samsung GT-C30600,805
Samsung GT-C3300K Champ0,897
Samsung GT-C5010E0,706
Samsung GT-C55100,718
Samsung GT-E10800,639
Samsung GT-E21200,761
Samsung GT-E2370 Xcover0,408
Samsung GT-I5500 Galaxy S0,645
Samsung GT-I5510 Galaxy 5510,375
Samsung GT-I5700 Galaxy Spica0,595
Samsung GT-I5800 Galaxy 30,575
Samsung GT-I71100,825
Samsung GT-I7500 Galaxy0,607
Samsung GT-I8000 Omnia II0,168
Samsung GT-I8150 Galaxy W0,517
Samsung GT-I8160 Galaxy Ace 20,498
Samsung GT-I8530 Galaxy Beam
Samsung GT-I8700 Omnia 70,645
Samsung GT-i9000 Galaxy S0,268
Samsung GT-I9001 Galaxy S Plus0,346
Samsung GT-I9023 Nexus S0,504homepage
Samsung GT-I9070 Galaxy S Advance0,543
Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II0,338
Samsung GT-I9210 Galaxy S II LTE0,405
Samsung GT-I9250 Galaxy Nexus0,303
Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III0,342
Samsung GT-M8910 Pixon120,265
Samsung GT-N7000 Galaxy Note0,256
Samsung GT-P1000 Galaxy Tab1,070
Samsung GT-S3370E0,755
Samsung GT-S36500,752
Samsung GT-S52300,531
Samsung GT-S5260 STAR II0,957
Samsung GT-S5300 Galaxy Pocket0,790
Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y0,655
Samsung GT-S55100,832
Samsung GT-S5570 Galaxy Mini0,961
Samsung GT-S56000,960
Samsung GT-S5620 Monte1,020
Samsung GT-S5660 Galaxy Gio0,791
Samsung GT-S5690 Galaxy Xcover0,585
Samsung GT-S5750E Wave 5750,705
Samsung GT-S5830 GALAXY Ace0,840
Samsung GT-S6500 Galaxy Mini 20,917
Samsung GT-S7230E Wave 7230,730
Samsung GT-S75500,684
Samsung GT-S8500 Wave0,988
Samsung GT-S8530 Wave II0,625homepage
Samsung GT-S8600 Wave III0,834
Samsung I8910 Omnia HD0,496
Samsung Innov80,414
Samsung Jet S80000,522
Samsung M75000,779
Samsung M7600 Beat DJ0,728
Samsung S7350 Ultra s0,418
Samsung SGH-A3001,030
Samsung SGH-A8000,961
Samsung SGH-B1000,909
Samsung SGH-B2200,724
Samsung SGH-B3000,729
Samsung SGH-C1000,488
Samsung SGH-C1700,965
Samsung SGH-C2600,815
Samsung SGH-D5000,310
Samsung SGH-D500E0,310
Samsung SGH-D5200,679
Samsung SGH-D600/D600E0,411
Samsung SGH-D8200,700
Samsung SGH-D8300,337
Samsung SGH-D8400,691
Samsung SGH-D900 UE 12.90,823
Samsung SGH-D900i UE 12.90,623
Samsung SGH-E1000,892
Samsung SGH-E2500,702
Samsung SGH-E3100,520
Samsung SGH-E3300,903
Samsung SGH-E330N0,903
Samsung SGH-E340E0,822
Samsung SGH-E3600,648
Samsung SGH-E3700,486
Samsung SGH-E3800,906
Samsung SGH-E5300,762
Samsung SGH-E5900,447
Samsung SGH-E7000,795
Samsung SGH-E7101,000
Samsung SGH-E7200,664
Samsung SGH-E7300,345
Samsung SGH-E7600,940
Samsung SGH-E8000,322
Samsung SGH-E8100,500
Samsung SGH-E9000,355
Samsung SGH-F110 miCoach0,509
Samsung SGH-F2100,201
Samsung SGH-F300 Ultra Music0,679
Samsung SGH-F3300,759
Samsung SGH-F480 Touchwiz0,898
Samsung SGH-G6000,565
Samsung SGH-G8000,194
Samsung SGH-i2000,876
Samsung SGH-i3000,743
Samsung SGH-i3200,774
Samsung SGH-i4500,829
Samsung SGH-i5500,679
Samsung SGH-i6000,776
Samsung SGH-i600U0,776
Samsung SGH-i7800,514
Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia0,671
Samsung SGH-J2000,716
Samsung SGH-J4000,189
Samsung SGH-J7000,499
Samsung SGH-L1700,705
Samsung SGH-L7000,718
Samsung SGH-L700i0,722
Samsung SGH-L7600,554
Samsung SGH-L8701,040
Samsung SGH-M1100,288
Samsung SGH-M3000,991
Samsung SGH-M3100,379
Samsung SGH-P4001,180
Samsung SGH-P5100,897
Samsung SGH-P520 Armani0,920
Samsung SGH-S1001,010
Samsung SGH-S2000,843
Samsung SGH-S3001,140
Samsung SGH-U600 UE 10.90,719
Samsung SGH-U600B EVO0,421
Samsung SGH-U700 UE 12.10,822
Samsung SGH-U700B EVO0,822
Samsung SGH-U800 Soul b0,620
Samsung SGH-U900 Soul0,692
Samsung SGH-V2000,685
Samsung SGH-X1000,758
Samsung SGH-X1600,976
Samsung SGH-X2000,740
Samsung SGH-X3000,578
Samsung SGH-X4500,980
Samsung SGH-X4600,846
Samsung SGH-X4800,679
Samsung SGH-X5100,781
Samsung SGH-X5200,850
Samsung SGH-X6000,842
Samsung SGH-X6400,795
Samsung SGH-X6500,711
Samsung SGH-X6600,816
Samsung SGH-X6700,848
Samsung SGH-X6800,801
Samsung SGH-X7000,197
Samsung SGH-X820 UE 6.90,639
Samsung SGH-X8300,119
Samsung SGH-Z1050,699
Samsung SGH-Z1070,630
Samsung SGH-Z140/Z140V0,770
Samsung SGH-Z1500,597
Samsung SGH-Z2300,988
Samsung SGH-Z2400,349
Samsung SGH-Z3000,702
Samsung SGH-Z4000,655
Samsung SGH-Z5000,994
Samsung SGH-Z5400,540
Samsung SGH-Z7100,432
Samsung SGH-Z720 UE 13.80,795
Samsung Ultra b1,080
Samsung Ultra TOUCH S83000,548