HTC - SAR values

This list shows the SAR values ​​for mobile phones from HTC.
Limit: 2.0 watts/kilogram (W/kg) averaged over ten grams of tissue.

ModelSAR (W/kg)Additional info
HTC 7 Mozart0,538
HTC 7 Trophy0,645
HTC Advantage0,836
HTC ChaCha0,822
HTC Desire0,752
HTC Desire C
HTC Desire HD0,826
HTC Desire S0,353
HTC Desire Z0,863
HTC EVO 3D0,516
HTC Explorer
HTC Gratia1,540
HTC HD Mini0,985
HTC HD20,631
HTC HD70,659
HTC Hero1,210
HTC Incredible S0,876
HTC Legend0,565
HTC Magic0,954
HTC One S0,687
HTC One V0,872
HTC One X0,909
HTC P33001,100
HTC P34700,371
HTC P36000,977
HTC P43500,583
HTC P63000,780
HTC P65000,537
HTC Radar0,400
HTC Rhyme0,364
HTC S3100,629
HTC S6200,918
HTC S7100,803
HTC S7300,738
HTC S7400,389
HTC Salsa0,489
HTC Sensation0,358
HTC Sensation XE0,358
HTC Sensation XL
HTC Shift1,910
HTC Snap0,880
HTC Tattoo1,250
HTC Titan0,447
HTC Touch0,635
HTC Touch 3G0,614
HTC Touch Cruise0,888
HTC Touch Cruise (09)0,465
HTC Touch Diamond0,854
HTC Touch Diamond20,776
HTC Touch Dual0,344
HTC Touch HD0,722
HTC Touch Pro0,462
HTC Touch Pro20,681
HTC Touch Viva0,645
HTC Touch20,826
HTC TyTN II0,388
HTC Wildfire0,754
HTC Wildfire S0,899